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Drupal 8 Webform CiviCRM beta3 was released on October 12, 2020 - Webform CiviCRM is a powerful, flexible, user-friendly form builder for CiviCRM.  Originally written by colemanw of the CiviCRM core team, co-maintained by KarinG of Semper IT and jitendrapurohit of Fuzion and Semper IT and supported by the CiviCRM community. Over 3,200 sites are using it! 663 sites are now using D8/CiviCRM and 116 sites are now using a D8WFC 8.x-5.x release 🥳

Empower Data

Drupal 8 Webform CiviCRM beta3 contains PRs from

  • D8 - Use entity functions to save custom data 8.x - #371 by jitendrapurohit was merged 2 days ago
  • Migrate to services 8.x - #367 by jitendrapurohit was merged 9 days ago
  • Fix activities_assignee help. 8.x - #363 by KarinG was merged 14 days ago
  • Migrate help inc file to services 8.x - #362 by jitendrapurohit was merged 12 days ago
  • D8: Issue with translations and creating groups 8.x - #361 by kewljuice was merged 19 days ago
  • Webform 6.x compatibility 8.x 9.x - #359 by MikeyMJCO was merged 22 days ago
  • D8 : Get Membership type of current domain only 8.x - #357 by sunilpawar was merged 28 minutes ago
  • When updating a Case with multiple contacts, unset contact ID fields … 8.x port - #354 by KarinG was merged on Sep 7
  • D8 : Do not change Membership type for Inherited membership record 8.x - #353 by sunilpawar was merged on Sep 7
  • Fix autoload of event from URL 8.x bug - #350 by jitendrapurohit was merged on Sep 1
  • Fix Unsupported operand types Error 8.x bug - #347 by sunilpawar was merged on Sep 7
  • Edit max_instances for activities 8.x ported - #345 by mpaulso was merged on Aug 22

Official Drupal release page: click here

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  • Our guest speaker will be Pete (@petednz-fuzion) from Fuzion. Pete creates amazing Webform CiviCRM experiences. He will be demo'ing how to build a Drupal view block so that you can see the details of that contact, eg recent donations, prior to submitting the form.
  • And while we're on the topic of Donations, @KarinG will show a live demo -> accepting payments using Webform CiviCRM.

There's still room (and time to register)! Please share this with anyone who is interested in learning about Webform CiviCRM.

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Reminder: Drupal 8 Webform CiviCRM Documentation!

If you have not already done so -> check out the Drupal 8 Webform CiviCRM Documentation - each Example will have Build, View, Test and Form YAML sections, and under Enable CiviCRM Processing we'll be describing the tabs and the fields you can configure in detail. We are continuously adding Examples and Descriptions under Enable CiviCRM Processing so check back often!


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