Webform CiviCRM integration now has a stable Drupal 9 release! 🥳

Webform CiviCRM module 6.0.0 was released on October 11, 2021 a few weeks before Drupal 8 went EOL. This first official full Drupal 9 release 🎉 is featuring many more additions to automated (Functional Javascript) testing: Tests: 46, Assertions: 1124 ✅

Webform CiviCRM module is a powerful, flexible, user-friendly form builder for CiviCRM. Originally written by colemanw of the CiviCRM core team, co-maintained by Semper IT and Fuzion and supported by the CiviCRM community. Over 3,000 sites are using it! Over 1,000 sites are using Drupal 8/9 to power their CiviCRM and 344 sites are now using Webform CiviCRM module for Drupal 8/9.

Do this 👇 with your Drupal and CiviCRM without any custom code (a 100% open source solution):

WFC Brochure

WFC Brochure

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Thank you to all our Sponsors! And to Matt Glaman for helping me make this a reality and to Jake Rockowitz for his support/chats.

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